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There are 5 OPEN Complaints at Registrar of Contractors website against HomeLift Now (All type of home remodeling co) from Scottsdale, AZ. 5 open cases from January to May, 2016.

2 complaints just in May, 2016. With 5 OPEN Complaints, this company HomeLift Now has serious problems. 1 attorney files a lawsuit & 2 local attorneys will be filing suit. HLN was contract to installed NEW Kitchen Cabinets & Granite in my home.

Instead, HLN installed old, disgusting, debris filled cabinets, incorrect design, old painted hinges attached, no shelves in any cabinets, wrong size cabinets, wrong cabinets, no drawers, wrong finished, interior strains, interior sprayed painting & cracked Granite.

After several months of non-completion, I reported HLN to the AZ Register of Contractors. My Court date is the end of June, 2016, There are others persons & couples that just fired HLN before the project was completed due to poor quality of materials, workmanship, workers problems, non-licensed sub-contractors & unnecessary work schedule delays HLN is an unprofessional General Contracting company operating under a GL license for now.

This reviewer shared experience about "did not installed new kit cab-granite per contract" and wants this business to "lost general contractor license & repayment for all loses" as the author lost $14000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Home Lift Now. The most disappointing about home lift now cabinet installation from Home Lift Now was dishonest general contractor-unprofessional, extreme poor workmanship and unnecessary work schedule delays Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1288955

How do I go about going after them too? They screwed me out of alot of money also for work I did and stole my tools.. I paid for the material for a home myself and was never paid from them

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1190648

To all subcontractors who even think about working for a contractor like this, hear the customers comments before you even break out a tool.

We all gotta look out for jokers like this, it gives us all a bad name.

My wife and I installed cabinets in one of there customers homes, haven't received payment yet. They don't return or answer phone calls or answer the door.

To all homeowners screwed over by Homeliftnow, please remember that we are not all dishonest like them.

Pissed off sub contractor

to Anonymous #1289131


Re: Home Lift Now..please send me your name, telephone text #, email address. I will email you a name, title, tel # of a REAL person who is handling 'ALL" of us (they are several of us that are involved & RIPPED OFF) that are legally going after both Brandon/John/HLN.

Hoping you have all your details in writing, receipts, photos...

I just noticed that you posted a comment. Please do not hesitate with any questions to contact me 480 600.5666.

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